Monday, November 26, 2018

Viewing a List of Groups that an Employee (Customer / Vendor etc) belongs to

The following enhancement, which is asking for a Groups tab on Entity record, is open and accepting votes:


Enhancement 51290: Lists > Relationships > Customers/Contacts/Employee/Vendor: Add a Group tab to Entity records showing the Group(s) they belong to


As an Alternate Solution you can create a Saved Group Search with the Group Members: Name/ID as an available filter.  In the example of an Employee Group the steps to accomplish this would be:


A. Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Groups > Search
Navigating to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New > Group  

B. Click Create Saved Search

1. Set Name = Employee Groups Filter by Member

2. Under Criteria > Standard > Filter

    - Select Type = Employee

3. Under Results tab
    - Select the following fields from the drop down: Name,  Owner, Group Member: Name, Group Member: ID (and any other fields you would like to see in the results)

4. Under Available Filters tab

    a. Set Default Text Field Filter = Contains

    b. Under Filters section

        i. Select Group Members: Name/ID

        ii. Set Show In Footer = Yes

        iii. Click Add

5. Hover over Save button and select Save & Run

6. To confirm this gives you what you need:

    a. Enter the Name of an Employee that you know belongs to many groups in the Name/ID field
    b. Tab out of that field

    c. Results will show you the Groups this Employee is part of


C. For quick access to this search:

1. Run the Saved Search
2. H
over over Shortcut icon

3. Select Add to Shortcuts

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