Friday, November 2, 2018

Item Search: Display Sum of the Member Items' cost of a Kit/Package

Problem/Business Requirement/Unique Question:

Transactions > Management > Saved Searches > New > Item Search > Display Sum of the Member Items' cost in a Kit/Package


Symptoms/Details of Business Requirements/Any Additional Information:

This item search will help customers to know approximately how much is the cost of a kit/package. This will help them analyze how much their sales price would be for the kit/package item.



To create the item saved search, do the following steps:


1. Go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Item


2. In the Criteria tab, add Type = Kit/Package

3. In the Results tab, add the following:


Member Item

Member Item (fields) = Average Cost

Formula Numeric = {memberitem.averagecost}*{memberquantity}


4. To show a particular kit, add Name in Available Filters and mark Show in Filter Region.

5. Also, in the Results tab, check on Show Totals, so that when a particular kit is entered, it will show the total cost for the kit at the bottom of the page


6. Give the item search a different name and click on Save and Run


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