Sunday, November 11, 2018

Reports > VAT/GST > UK VAT 100 > Select Tax Period and Refresh > There are No Values on the Boxes

1. Create a saved search of Transactions to verify the tax period assigned on the transactions. The transactions that are supposed to show on the report:

  • Via Lists > Search > Saved Search > Transactions
  • On Criteria: enter filter for Type = select invoice, cash sales or bills
  • On the Results tab: make sure that Tax Period is selected as a Column
  • Preview the search

2. If the search result shows null value on the Tax Periods, then the transactions are not associated to any tax period.

3. Usually this happens if the tax period structure are changed after the transactions were created. 

  • Under Setup > Accounting > Manage Tax Periods
  • Users may have changed their tax period setup

To assign the tax periods back to transactions, there are two options:

1. To manually edit and save each transaction. This will refresh and assign back a Tax Period following the transaction date.

2. If there are multiple transactions, a csv update is an option.

  • On the csv file, the internal ID of the transaction is the only field needed for update
  • After the csv update, run the saved search again to verify that there are Tax Period on the each transaction. And in effect, the VAT 100 Report should work now

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