Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Set Up ODBC Connection with Informatica Cloud

1. Install NetSuite ODBC Driver and Create a data source
2. Login to Informatica account and download and install Cloud Secure Agent on the system where the NetSuite ODBC driver is installed (Configuration > Agents > "Download Agent")
3. Navigate to Configuration > Connections, and click "New"
4. Supply the following information:\

Connection Name: [ name of your choice ] 
Connection Type: ODBC
Secure Agent: [ select the Secure Agent you recently setup where the NetSuite ODBC driver was installed ]
Username and Password: [ your NetSuite login credentials ]
Datasource Name: [ name of the Data Source created in Step 1 ]
Code Page: [ MS Windows Latin 1 ]

5. Click "Test" to test the connection

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