Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Advanced Bin Management > Not able to see pop up filters to limit bins

User enabled Advanced Bin Management feature.  Inventory Detail pop up should include filters to limit bin choices. 


The following filters include:


* All bins

* Preferred bin

* Associated bin

* Bins with quantity

* Previously used Bins


When user created a Bill or Item Receipt, they are not able to see the filters.


The Bin filters will show depending on the number of Bins the customer has on the account and the maximum entries in dropdown set on the preference.


To resolve this, user should navigate to Home > Set Preferences > General tab > Optimizing NetSuite > set Maximum Entries in Dropdown to 0 or any number lower than their total number of bins> hit Save.


When user creates a Bill > click Inventory Detail > Bin > List > Bin filters will now be available.




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