Wednesday, December 19, 2018

SecurePay > Refund > receive error txnID must be numeric

Customer uses SecurePay as their Credit Card Gateway.  They are trying to process a Refund but received an error txnID must be numeric.


This normally happens if the customer wanted to process a refund of their SecurePay transaction without the associated or reference P/N Ref of the Payment transaction.


Here are the two scenarios:


1. Customer processed the refund in SecurePay's website
     1.1 Process a refund from Credit Memo > pull up the Credit Memo and click the Refund button
     1.2 On the Refund Method tab > unmark Process Credit Card checkbox
     1.3 Hit Save

*This is for recording purposes since the refund was already done in SecurePay.


2. Process refund within NetSuite

     2.1 Pull up the Payment transaction > Payment Method tab > copy the P/N Ref

     2.2 Pull up the Credit Memo created and click on the Refund button

     2.3 Go to the Refund Method tab

     2.4 Paste the P/N Ref taken from the Payment page to the P/N Ref on the Refund Method

     2.5 Make sure that Process Credit Card is marked

     2.6 Hit Save


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