Sunday, December 16, 2018

Contract with Inline Discount Renewed without the Inline Discount

Under Contract Renewals > Setup > Contract RenewalsPreferences > Contract Renewals Creation tab, there is a preferencethat affects renewal of Contracts with In-Line discounts.


The following should be followed:

1. Contract RenewalsPreferences > TransactionsValidation tab

- Inline Discounting onTrans = True

- Default Customer Discounton Trans = False

- Transaction Forms toDeploy Script = Has the Sales Order form used or is empty.


2. Contract RenewalsPreferences > Contract RenewalsCreation tab

- Default Customer DiscountRenewals = False


For example, there is a Contract with an In-Line Discount that isset to be renewed the next time script R05 runs. When the preference DefaultCustomer Discount Renewals is enabled, the In-Line discount would notbe included in the renewal transaction. Conversely, if Default CustomerDiscount Renewals is disabled, the In-Line discount from the originatingtransaction will be included in the renewal transaction.

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