Friday, December 7, 2018

Create a Saved Search of Bills and Bill Payments that will show the Early Payment Discount or Discount Taken Amount

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New
-Click on the Transactions link

2. On the Criteria tab> Standard sub tab> select the following:

- Type is any of Bill, Bill Payment
- Status is Bill: Paid in Full
- Applying Transaction is not none
- Terms is not none
- Formula (Numeric) and on the pop up window indicate the following:
     Formula = {applyingtransaction.linesequencenumber}
     Formula(Numeric) dropdown= " any "
     Value = 2

3. On the Results tab > Columns sub tab> select the following:

Date, Custom Label = Bill Date   
Document Number , Custom Label = Bill # 
Name , Custom Label = Vendor 
Amount , Custom Label = Bill Amount 
Applying Transaction : Date, , Custom Label =  Bill Payment Date 
Applying Transaction : Document Number , Custom Label = Check# 
Applying Link Amount, Custom Label = Early Payment Discount 
Formula (Currency) {amount}-{applyinglinkamount} Custom Label = Bill Payment Amount

4. Enter Search Title and click on Save & Run button

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