Friday, December 7, 2018

Ship to US Territories using USPS Integrated Shipping throws error: "Cannot calculate shipping cost. XXXXXX is not a valid country".

According to USPS DM608 (

"Domestic mail is mail transmitted within, among, and between the United States of America, its territories and possessions, Army Post Offices (APOs), fleet

Post Offices (FPOs), and the United Nations, NY. For this standard, the term "territories and possessions" comprises the following:
- American Samoa
Manua Island, Swain's Island, Tutuila Island
- Guam
- Northern Mariana Islands, Commonwealth of the
Rota Island, Saipan Island, Tinian Island
- Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of
- U.S. Virgin Islands
St. Croix Island, St. John Island,
St. Thomas Island
- Wake Atoll
- Wake Island"

This only means that for USPS, shipping to US Territories are considered domestic only. However, in NetSuite these US Territories are setup as Countries instead of States. This is the reason why the error shows "Cannot calculate shipping cost. XXXXXX is not a valid country" where XXXXXX is the US Territory" when shipping using USPS.

To resolve this:

A. Add those US Territories as States:
* Navigate to Setup > Company > States/Provinces/Counties > New.
* Enter the following values:

1. Country : United States
Full Name : American Samoa
Short Name : AS

2. Country : United States
Full Name : Guam
Short Name : GU

3. Country : United States
Full Name : Northern Mariana Islands
Short Name : MP

4. Country : United States
Full Name : Puerto Rico
Short Name : PR

5. Country : United States
Full Name : Virgin Islands
Short Name :VI

B. When the address is entered in the sales order or item fulfillment, enter the zip code first and NetSuite will automatically set the State and City. It can also be manually by setting United States as Country; the US Territory being the State; and enter the correct Zip.


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