Monday, December 17, 2018

Font Size Modification Behaviour when Size is Increased in the Columns of a PDF Layout

1. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms > Edit the Transaction form,
2. Take note of the Column Width and the Layout Space.

Column Width - This is the total of all the columns on your form. This measurement is determined by the values that you enter on the column tab for your custom form.

Layout Space - This number is the maximum number of inches of printable space allowed on your form. The measurement is determined by the Page Width of the layout you choose.

3. In the Printing Fields tab > Columns subtab > adjust the Width so that the total is equal to the Layout Space.
4. Click Save.

If the printing column field width total is more than the page width, NetSuite adjusts the widths proportionally to fit on the page. Normally, this adjustment is on the font size.


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