Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Guidelines for setting the userID string that is used to generate the Authentication Token

One of the required parameters to generate the Single Sign-on Redirect URL is the Authentication Token. Before being encrypted using a private key and then hex-encoded so it can be passed as a redirect URL parameter, the Authentication Token is created with the external application-assigned company ID and user ID for the user and the current timestamp.
The companyID and userID strings represent the credentials used by the external application. (These will be mapped to NetSuite credential during inbound single sign-on.)
The following guidelines need to be strictly followed to avoid any errors:
1. companyID and userID strings cannot contain spaces. Spaces are used to delimit subtokens.
2. The userID (unlike the E-mail Address in the Customer Login of NetSuite) is Case Sensitive.
When using a batch file to run the ssov3.jar in generating the Single Sign-on Redirect URL the company ID is the -rc and the userID is the -ru parameter.

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