Saturday, December 1, 2018

Show All NLTAG values in PDF Merge

User have added new custom fields on a PDF template. The newly added fields value are not available after the PDF merge. A solution for this behavior is available below:

1. Open oldPDF template using AdobePro 10
2. Click Tools > Edit
3. Notice that the custom fields are now available for editing
4. Double click the problem field
5. Go to General > Name
6. Change the format into NLCUSTBODYXXX
7. Save as newPDF
8. Go to Documents > Template > PDF Templates
9. Edit oldPDF template
10. Choose newPDF under the file field
11. Warning message pops up for overwriting oldPDF
12. Save

Note: NLTAGS should be formatted as is otherwise, the value will not be carried over during PDF merge.

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