Friday, January 18, 2019

Correct Vacation and Sick Used Hours on the Paystub

Used vacation and sick hours are only viewable on the Accrued Time section of the employee's paystub. Used hours are not available in the payroll item record.


Timing is very important in correcting used hours. Users must do the steps below during a regular payroll run to correct or change the used vacation and hours on the paystub.


1.   Navigate to Setup > Payroll > Setup Payroll. Click on the Preferences tab. Make sure that the Default "Do Not Accrue Time" on Paychecks checkbox is not checked.

2.   Run the payroll normally. Navigate to Transactions > Employees > Create Payroll. Mark all the employees that you want to process payroll for and click the Calculate button.

3.   After the tax calculation, click on the Paychecks tab and click Edit next to the paycheck of the employee that will be corrected.

4.   Click on the Earnings tab. Select the vacation or sick earning item.

5.   On the Hours/Base column, enter a negative number to reduce the used hours. Enter a  positive number to increase the used hours.

6.   On the Rate column, enter zero.

7.   Click the Add button then Save.

8.   Click the Calculate Taxes button then Commit.


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