Friday, January 18, 2019

Transactions>Bank>Approve Online Bill Payments: Processed Bill Payment still showing on the Approve Online Bill Payments page

Thereare instances when users process an Online Bill Payment with the statusof "Error – See Log". After verifying with Metavante that thepayment did go through, user would then need to have the Bill Paymentremoved from the Approve Online Bill Payments page to avoid duplicatepayment.

Currently,the Mark Paid check box on the Approve Online Bill Payments pageis not working. Defect# 137940 hasbeen filed to fix this issue.  As analternate solution:

1.    Go to Transactions>Bank>ApproveOnline Bill Payments.

2.    Open the BillPayment by clicking on the Date hyperlink. This opens the BillPayment on Edit mode.

3.    On the Edit BillPayment page, un-check the Apply box next to the Bills paid by thistransaction.

4.    Hit Save.

5.    User will receive awarning message, "You must enter at least one line item for this transaction".Hit OK.

6.    Note that at thispoint, the Bill Pay check box is no longer greyed out. Un-check the BillPay box.

7.    Check the Applybutton next to the Bills paid by this transaction (reverse of step 3).

8.    Hit Save

Optionallywhen user are given the check number that Metavante has mailed out, usercan also enter this on the Check# field for this Bill Payment.Currently, Defect# 164365 hasbeen filed to investigate on Bill Payments processed with the status of "Error– See Log."


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