Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Quantity Invoiced does not Match the Quantity Fulfilled


User has the following preferences set in Setup> Accounting> Accounting Preferences> Order/ Management:

* Fulfill Based on Commitment = Limit to Committed

* Allow Overage on Item Fulfillments = False

*Invoice in Advance of Fulfillment = False


User can invoice a quantity more than what was fulfilled if he manually changes the quantity in the invoice before saving it. This change won't reflect in the system notes as the change was made before saving. Had the change been made after the order was previously saved, then this change will reflect in system notes.

To illustrate:

*** Test Transaction 1:

1. Create a Sales Order with quantity=1.

2. Fulfill the order for the same quantity then bill.

3. By default the quantity on the bill is the same as what was fulfilled.

4. Hit Save.

Result: Invoiced quantity = fulfilled quantity. Also, once billed you can no longer bill the item fulfillment or the order.

*** Test Transaction 2:

1. Create a Sales Order with quantity=1.

2. Fulfill this order for the same quantity> Bill.

3. By default the quantity is the same as what was fulfilled shown in the invoice

4. Altered the quantity to 3 instead of 1.

5. Hit Save.

Result: Invoiced quantity > fulfilled quantity (the quantity in sales order= 1; the quantity in invoice= 3) . However, the order can no longer be billed.

Note: The above transaction proves that currently, the system can restrict billing before the order is fulfilled. However, you may override the quantity to be invoiced which probably what has happened here.


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