Sunday, February 17, 2019

Create a custom field to list employees who are Support Reps

To create a custom field that will list all Employees which are Support Reps to appear on Entry Forms or Transaction Forms:

1. Navigate to Customization> Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Body Fields or Entity Fields > New.

2. Enter a Label.

3. On the Type field choose List/Record.

4. On the List/Record field select Employee.

5. Store Value checkbox is marked.

6. Under the Applies To tab, mark the checkbox for the record where you want this field to appear.

7. On Display tab, Subtab field= Main to make this to appear on the main body of the form.

8. Under Sourcing & Filtering tab> Filter Using Column, select Is Support Rep.

9. On the second column, Is Checked= T.

10. Click Save & Apply to Forms.

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