Sunday, February 17, 2019

Display Open Customer Deposits on Sales Orders

By default, information about Open Customer Deposits is not available on Sales Orders on fields or sublists.  Users can create a saved search and make it available as a sub list to the said form.


To create a saved search for Open Customer Deposits, please follow these steps:

1.  Login as Administrator.

2.  Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Search > New.

3.  Select Transaction.

4.  Enter the desired search title (e.g. Open Customer Deposit).

5. Mark the Public checkbox.

6.  Under Criteria > Standard sub tab:

Type = is Customer Deposit

Main Line = is true

Status = is any of Customer Deposit:Deposited, Customer Deposit: Not Deposited

7.  Under the Results tab, Add or Remove field/s that users want to show.

8.  Under Available Filters:

Filter = Name

Show in Filter Region = Yes

9.  Click Save.


To display it on a sublist:

1.  Navigate to Customization > Forms > Sublists.

2.  Under Transactions, select the Name or Title of the search that users created.

3.  Enter the desired Label name (e.g. Open Customer Deposit).

4.  Under the Tab column, select the specific tab from the transaction where users want to display it (e.g. Accounting).

5.  Put a checkmark for the Sale column.

6. Under Field, select a field that is common between the Sales Order and the Customer Deposit (i.e. Customer).

7.  Click Save.


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