Friday, February 22, 2019

Opportunity search used in Trend graph. When Date fields in Results tab are not same with Date fields in Available filters tab, it gives incorrect data

The usual cause of incorrect data in Trend graph versus that in the saved search result are the discrepancies in the date fields used in  Results tab and Available filters of the saved search.


1. Navigate to Reports > Saved searches > All saved searches.

2. Edit the Opportunity saved search

3. Go to Results tab. Add the following fields:
- Number
- Actual Close date

4. Go to Available Filters tab. Add the following fields:
- Expected Close date ... Show in footer = True

5. Click Save and Run

With the above settings, the data that users see in the saved search results will be different compared with the result in the trend graph.

To resolve:

-- Edit the saved search > Available filters tab > remove "Expected Close Date" and replace it with "Actual Close" (show in footer = checked) > Save



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