Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Add New Transaction Hyperlink on the Customer Record (e.g. 'New Return Authorization’)

Add New Transaction (e.g. 'New Return Authorization') hyperlink on the Customer Record


Example: Add New Return Authorization hyperlink   

1.    Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Entity Fields > New

2.    Set the following on main section:

·         Label = New Return Authorization

·         Type = Free-Form Text

·         Store Value = F

3.    Set Applies To tab > Customer = T

4.    Set the following under Display tab:

·         Subtab = Sales

·         Display Type = Inline Text

5.    Set the below under Validation & Defaulting tab:

·         Formula = T

·         Default Value = ***copy the below formula*** (without the single quotes)


'<a href=> Click Here </a>'

6.    Click Save.


For the other transactions like Credit Memo:

1.     Please open a new Credit Memo page. Navigate to Transactions > Customers > Issue Credit Memos

2.    Copy the URL. (

3.    Paste it on the blank below (no single quotes):

'<a href=__________________________________________________________  > Click Here </a>'

Note that it will only bring you to the New Transaction page directly from the customer record, however the customer name is not automatically populated.

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