Wednesday, March 6, 2019

No Data shows on Sales Report from Customer Dashboard

No Data shows when opening a Sales Report from Customer Dashboard


Steps to Reproduce:

1.    Open a Customer Record with no transaction.

2.    Click on the Customer Dashboard icon

3.    Click on any Sales Reports (e.g. Sales by Customer Detail)

Actual Result: No Data Available

4.    Navigate to Reports > Sales > Sales by Customer > Detail

Actual Result: Sales Information are showing.

The customer dashboard is a specialized dashboard that provides at-a-glance access to all of a customer's data, so you do not need to search through multiple screens to gather and piece together the information you need.

Possible reasons why the report shows No Data Available:

1.    Customer has no sales transaction 

     (Check the Customer record > Sales tab > Sales Transactions subtab > Notice that there are no Sales transactions like Cash Sales, Invoice, Credit Memo, Journal)

2.    The Customer is a parent and the sales transactions showing under Sales tab > Transactions subtab are related to its child records.

3.    The Income Account of the Item entered on the Sales Transactions (like Invoice) is not properly set. (It may not be an Income Account Type.)

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