Friday, March 22, 2019

Add Sales Order PO# field on the Item Fulfillment Email

1.     Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences.

2.     On Order Management tab > Fulfillment section > enable Send Order Fulfilled Confirmation Emails and disable Use Web Site Template for Fulfillment Emails.

3.     Click Save.

4.     Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Customize Fulfillment Email.

5.     On Customization window, insert the code below after {2}

<br> Your Purchase Order#: <%=getCurrentAttribute('salesorder','otherrefnum') %> <br><br>

6.     Click Save.

7.     On Transactions > Sales > Enter Sales Order, create sales order with valid email address and enter value for PO# field.

8.     Click Save on the sales order.

9.     Click Fulfill button from the sales order.

10.  Fill in the mandatory fields in New item fulfillment page.

11.  Then click Save to trigger the email.


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