Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Create a Custom Item Field that adds a Currency Symbol to an existing custom Item Field

1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & FieldsItem Fields.

2. Create a name for your Custom Field. Type = Text Area.

3. On the Applies To tab, mark the applicable Item Forms to include your Custom Field to.

4. On the Display tab, select which Tab you would like your Custom Field to appear in. Select an appropriate Display type.

5. On Validation & Defaulting tab, click on the arrow. This opens a pop up where you can enter a set of formulas to enter.

6. Enter this formula: CONCAT('$', TO_CHAR({"tag for a decimal type Custom Field"}, '000.00'))

Where: "tag for a decimal type Custom Field" = the ID of the Custom Field where you want to get a value.  To know what field this is, click on the "Field" Dropdown on the pop-up and select your decimal type Custom Field (e.g. {custitem1}).

7.  Click Save.

Open the Item Record, the new field you created if it now contains the amount fetched from your first Custom Field, but this time, with a dollar sign.

Users may hide the previous field and use this one for display purposes.

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