Monday, March 11, 2019

Create A Search To Show The Total Sales Of Parent Customers Including Sales For Each Child

To create a search to show the total sales for each Parent that will include the sales for all its Children/subcustomers, follow the steps below:

1.      Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New

2.      Select Customer from the list

3.      Go to the Criteria tab > Standard subtab and enter the following filters:

**Transaction Fields: Posting is True

**Transaction Fields: Account Type is Income

4.      Go to the Results tab, click on "Remove All" button and add the fields below:

**Formula (Text) > Set Summary Type = Group > On the Formula field, enter the formula below:

If auto-generated number is enabled for Customers under Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers, add below formula:

case when {parentcustomer.altname} is null then {altname} else {parentcustomer.altname} end

If it is disabled, add the one below:

case when {parentcustomer.entityid} is null then {entityid} else {parentcustomer.entityid} end

**Transaction Fields: Amount > Set Summary Type = Sum

5.      Assign a name to the search

6.      Save.

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