Monday, March 25, 2019

CSV Import > Customers and Contacts Together > CSV Responce error:Illegal ID. Please enter a name.

The CSV Response error "Illegal ID. Please enter a name" is received when all of the following exists during the CSV Import to add a new Customer:

The Customer Type is Individual.

A Contact record is also added.

In the Import Assistant the Record Type selected is Customers and Contacts Together.

Even when the fields are correctly mapped as shown below the error will still be received:

ó     Currency (Req)

CUSTOMER-Closed Won ó     Status (Req)

External ID                    ó     ExternalId

Customer First Name      ó     First Name

Customer Last Name      ó     Last Name

Contact First Name         ó     Contact 1 : First Name

Contact Last Name         ó     Contact 1 : Last Name

Notice that a critical NetSuite Field is not included in the above field mapping. This is the field called Individual (Req) which has a value of Yes (For an Individual Customer) and No (For a Company).

If the Record Type selected is Customers and Contacts Together the NetSuite field Individual (Req) will not be available to be mapped.

This is due to the pending Enhancement 109341: List > Relationship > Customer > New > Type = Individual: Customer wants to be able to attach a contact record to a customer who is a type of individual.

Hence it is also not yet possible to add an Individual Customer and Contact together manually or via CSV Import. Thus in the Import Assistant the Record Type Customers and Contacts Together is selected only for Customers having the type Company.

To resolve the error and successfully add the Individual Customer record via CSV import. In the Import Assistant choose the following:

Import Type = Relationships
Record Type = Customers Only

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