Monday, March 25, 2019

CSV Imports: Update Billing Address on Employee Records

The Billing Address in NetSuite for Employees record is labeled as Home. This can be verified by navigating to Lists > Employees > Employees > New. Click Home label under the Address tab to see the Field level Help.

Before proceeding to the Import process, consider the following:
1) To update existing address fields, include the Address ID on the .csv file. The ID is on the Employee Record under the Address tab > ID Column.
2) To create or add a new address, Address ID is not needed. NetSuite will automatically assign ID for the new address.

To import Home (Billing Address):

1: Navigate to Setup> Import/ Export> Import CSV Records

            Import Type : Employees
            Record Type : Employees
            Select the file to be imported

2: Data Handling :
            Click Advanced Options
                    Custom Form - Form used for Employee Records
                    Overwrite Sublists - mark only when completely replacing addresses

3: (Skipped, used when multiple files are imported)

4: Field Mapping 
            - Map Your Field for the Default Billing Address to Home
                Ex: Default Billing Address (Your Field) = Address 1 : Home (NetSuite Field)
            - Map the Address ID with ID
            - Map other fields : Addressee, Attention, Address 1, City, State/Province, Zip...
            - Important fields such as Internal ID or Employee ID are correctly mapped since this will be the reference of NetSuite for the record to be updated.
5: Save and Run

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