Monday, March 4, 2019

CSV Import of Invoice with Multiple Line Items

1. Create a CSV Import file with the following headers/values:


External ID   Customer           Date           Posting Period   Item        Quantity   Price Level   Amount                

INV001         Customer ABC    6/3/2013    Jun 2013           Item A     1               Custom       100   

INV001         Customer ABC    6/3/2013    Jun 2013           Item B     2               Custom       200                

INV001         Customer ABC    6/3/2013    Jun 2013           Item C     3               Custom       300


-This is just a sample file for instance when one invoice with three line items is to be imported. Other fields may be added on the CSV Import file depending on the mandatory fields and those which are intended to be filled out upon import.

-The key is using unique Invoice External IDs (reference key which could be alphabets, numbers, or alphanumeric) for each Invoice record.

-Most of the field formats such as Customer and Item should be the same as seen on the User Interface's field dropdown.

B. Perform the import.
1. Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records
Import Type = Transactions
Record Type = Invoice
2. Click Select and choose the file for the import.
3. Hit Next
4. Set Data Handling to Add
5. Hit Next
6. Map the following fields:

--External ID = External ID
--Customer = Customer (Req)
--Date = Date (Req)
--Posting Period = Posting Period
--Item = Items : Item (Req)
--Quantity = Items : Quantity
--Price Level = Items : Price Level
--Amount = Items : Amount

Note: Click on the small pencil icon and set Choose Reference Type to Internal ID beside the fields that used Internal IDs and not Names on the CSV Import File.

7. Click Next

8. Enter an Import Map Name

9. Click Save & Run


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