Thursday, March 21, 2019

Matching A bank deposit with a vendor credit with different currencies

The process for Associating a Vendor Credit with Deposit (same currency) is documented on:


The steps above are not be possible if the bank deposit and the vendor credit are in different currencies:

- The customer receives a deposit in their bank account, as a reimbursement of a Vendor Credit.

- The currency of their bank account is in their base currency.

- The Vendor Credit is recorded in foreign currency.


The alternative solution would be:

1. Enable the Multi Currency Vendor Feature. (Set Up > Company > Enable Features > Company Tab > International Section )


2. Create a Journal Entry

Credit to Accounts Payable (on the name column select the vendor)

Debit to Undeposited Funds

***Amount should be in Foreign Currency.

2. Create a Bank Deposit.

Select A Base Currency Bank Account.

Select the journal entry created in step 1. Ensure that the exchange rate entered on the journal entry is the exchange rate on the date of the deposit on the bank.

3. Apply the Journal Entry created in step 1 to the Bill Credit.

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