Thursday, March 7, 2019

Newly Added Role does not Appear in the Choose Role Page of the Sandbox/Production Account

User created a custom role in Sandbox/Production Account. To test the role, user modified the Employee record and added the custom role. However, when the user navigates to Choose Role Page, the new role does not appear on the list.


This behavior is caused by the SAML Single Sign-on permission. Roles that have this permission are treated differently and don't show up in View All Roles page unless the user used SAML authentication to sign-in. This is by design, SAML roles and non-SAML roles should not be mixed together. For the user to see the SAML enabled role, the user must login through SAML Single Sign-on.


To verify if the permission is listed on the role, use the following steps below:


1. As Administrator, navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.


2. Edit the Custom Role.


3. Click the Permissions tab > Setup subtab.


4. Verify if SAML Single Sign-on permission is listed.


Note: When a role with SAML Single Sign-on permission is added in Production and a Sandbox Refresh is initiated, the role would appear in the View All Roles page when accessing the Sandbox Account (after refresh is complete).

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