Thursday, March 28, 2019

Report Similar to the Transaction Numbering Audit Log which Covers Transactions Prior to Version 2013.1

To create a report similar to the Transaction Numbering Audit Log for transactions prior to version 2013.1, users may do the following:

1. Navigate to Transactions > Management > View Audit Trail.

2. In the View Audit Trail page, set the following:

-Action = Create, Change, Delete (click Ctrl button to multi-select)

-Transaction Date = Custom.  For example, from 01/01/2012 To 12/31/2012

-Amount = Any

-Transaction Type = <select the transaction you need the report for>.  For example, Invoice

3. Click Submit button.

4. Sort by clicking the header of either Date/Time or Internal ID.

5. Export the result to CSV/Excel if further filtering is needed.

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