Monday, March 18, 2019

Restrict Amortization Schedule List per Subsidiary of Custom Roles

·          Amortization Schedule does not have a Subsidiary field.

·          It is the transaction that uses the schedule that shows the Subsidiary field.

·          User cannot restrict the list (Lists > Accounting > Amortization Schedules) but user can set a Saved Search for the list view of a particular role and subsidiary.



·          To resolve:

o    Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Amortization Schedule

o    Click on Customize View

o    Click More Options

o    In the Customize Amortization Schedules Search page:

§   Under the Criteria tab > Standard sub tab:

·          Select Transaction fields

·          Select Subsidiary in the drop-down

·          Choose a subsidiary


§   Under the Audience tab:

·          Unmark Select All for the Roles box

·          Select the specific custom role (with access to the subsidiary selected in the Criteria tab) that user wants to give access to the custom view list/saved search

o    Rename the search

o    Save and Run


o    Perform the same steps for the other subsidiaries and their corresponding custom role.



·          When your custom role goes into the Amortization Schedule list, user should select the custom list view that was created specifically for his subsidiary.

·          The list should only show Amortization Schedules for transactions created on the role's subsidiary.

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