Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Set the value of Project End Date to when the Project Status is set to Closed

User created a custom entity on the Project record and called it Project End Date. User wants to auto-populate this field with the date when the Project Status is set to Closed.


This can be accomplished through SuiteFlow. To do this, perform the following steps:


Requirement: Make sure the SuiteFlow feature is enabled (Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud tab > SuiteFlow).


1. As Administrator, navigate to Customization > Scripting > Workflows > New.


2. Settings:


            Basic Information:


                        Name: Set Project End Date

                        Record Type: Project

                        Release Status: Released


            Initiation: On Update


3. Click Save.


4. Click New State.


5. Click Save.


6. Click State 1.


7. Under Actions tab, click New Action.


8. Select Set Field Value.


9. Settings:


            Basic Information:

                        Trigger On : After Field Edit

                        Client Fields: Status



                        Field: Status

                        Compare Type: Any of

                        Selection: Closed



                        Field: Project End Date (Custom Field)



                        Date: Today


10. Click Save.


To test, navigate to Lists > Relationships > Projects. Edit a Project and set the Status to Closed. Verify if the Project End Date will populate the current date.

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