Friday, March 29, 2019

SuiteScript FAQs

Script and Script Deployment Exposure

Is the Internal ID change on Script Deployment in Help?
Yes, this should be in the release notes, but no need to explicitly call out in Help

For nlapiLoadRecord - can we use both the internal id and the script id to load script and script deployment records?
No, you can only use the Internal ID.

What type of permission do you need for the script in order to access script/script deployment?
The SuiteScript permission under the Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > Edit Specific Role > Permissions Subtab > Setup Sublist

Will we be able to search them with nlapiSearchRecord()?

Will the same bundle restrictions apply to searching on script/script deployment records?
No, the bundle restrictions only apply when performing CRUD operations on the script/script deployment records, for search you will be able to search for all within that account

Will we have execution log as join fields as part of the search?

Alternate Time Zone Support

Which set of APIs don't work on the client side?
The NLAPIs won't work on the client side, and this will be clearly documented so that everyone will know which set will be supported server side or client side.

Script Performance Monitor SuiteApp

Will you be able to send the performance logs as email alerts?
No, but possible future enhancement

Will you have a mapping of which trigger type the events corresponds to?
No, but possible future enhancement

How long do we keep the performance log?
30 days

Will TS have access to customer's performance logs?
With this tool no because you will need to ask customers to install this tool and get the performance logs for you.  But the underlying data should be available to TS. 

What does the pie slice "NetSuite System" consist of?
Contains core script time and  application time.  As per Dev - "everything that is not a customer deployed SuiteScript"

Are we planning to expose these performance logs through search?
PM has talked about exposing more of the performance data to customers, but have not talked about how specifically, so whether through search or not is TBD.

Credential Builder API

Will we provide the native decoding capabilities on a response? 
Not for now, maybe in the future if specific use cases arises

nlapiYieldScript and nlapiSetRecoveryPoint Error Handling

nlapiYieldScript and nlapiSetRecoveryPoint API, are they used for when I have a try/catch block and get an error thrown, it would revert back to that recovery point?
The recovery points are designed for system failures, so when the system resumes from a system failure, it will start executing from the previous recovery point. In addition, if you call nlapiYieldScript(), you can pause the current scheduled script and let other scripts execute first, and then the script will execute at the last recovery point once it resumes

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