Friday, March 29, 2019

Transaction Timeline (Beta)

Is the feature available across NetSuite and NetCRM+?­
You can install the bundle on all types of NetSuite accounts. By default, it is available for all employees of the account it is installed on.­

Does the set of transactions include Revenue Commitments & Revenue Recognition? ­ ­Can this be customized for the Drop Ship process (e.g. Sales Order -> PO ->Invoice -> Bill­)?
As of now, the feature is only available to certain records related to Sales Transactions. Additional records will be added in upcoming releases of the app.

Do forms need to be upgraded in order to see this? Will it still show up if customers are using old forms­?
No, forms need not be upgraded. However, the timeline will only show up for all Employees of the account.­

Is there any way to capture the records from lead so we can show lead to cash timeline? ­
No, this is not yet possible. Additional records will be added in subsequent releases.

Can you access the transaction timeline values using script?
The transaction groups are stored as custom record but its structure might change in succeeding releases.

How about collections can we pull the collections records?
You can create a record group for your collections. You can name the group as "Collection" then include Customer Deposit, or Payment transaction in that group.

How can we aggregate all records into a single timeline? or Is it one transaction per timeline? I would like to see how many orders in each step of the process (i.e. 5 in Fulfillment, 4 Orders in Payment, etc.)­
We cannot aggregate all records on a single timeline. It only allows us to see the related transactions on the transaction timeline bar (e.g. on a sales order, want to see the related Item fulfillments, Invoice, Estimate etc.­)

Can you install this in Sandbox?
Administrator can freely install the bundle, but it is recommended trying it first on Sandbox or Beta accounts. The application is currently non-intrusive and doesn't write or change any existing records.
Does the transaction timeline setup only available to Administrators? Or do we have permission that we can grant custom roles? ­ ­How do you control which roles see the timeline?
By default, the setup is only available using Administrator Role. But you can edit the audience of deployment script with id: customdeploy_tt_bar_ue

Can we create different timelines? For example, a different timeline for sales orders and a different timeline for return authorizations?­
­No.­ It depends on the transaction leader.

What is the grouping mechanism for the timeline? (i.e., opportunity, Created From, etc.)
It is ­manually set/configured by the Administrator under Setup > Customization > Customization > Transaction Timeline Setup under SuiteBundler. The navigational path may still change on future releases.

What is the average loading time? What I realized it takes longer when we have more records­?
We do not have specific average loading time yet­. But you can Collapse Transaction Timeline by default by navigating to Home > Set Preferences > Custom Preferences Tab > set Collapse Transaction Timeline = T. Collapsing the timeline will not trigger any timeline scripts nor load any relevant records.

­If you have more than one sales order created from an opportunity and you don't put opportunities in any groups, will you see all of the sales orders created from the opportunity or only the one you open?­
You will see them in the pop-up report.

­Does Employee Restriction apply to the record read by the Timeline? For example, a custom role has a department restriction. Will the timeline still include the record that he/she cannot access?
­Yes. It does follow the restrictions.­

If the role does not have permission to the record, will it still appear in the timeline? ­
­Yes­, ­but you cannot access it directly from the pop-up report­. Permission violation messages will pop-up when clicking the record.

­If there are no related transactions, what will the user see? Will there be a message that says no timeline to display? ­
Transactions types for the group that do not have related transactions are listed at the bottom of the pop-up report.

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