Monday, March 18, 2019

Update Inventory Count Interval on item records via CSV Import

A. Create a Saved Search for items to be updated.

1.    Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.

2.    Select Item as the Search Type.

3.    On the Criteria tab, enter a filter to pull up the items you want to update. For example, internal ID = xxxxx.

4.    On the Results tab, add the following fields as columns:

         Internal ID 


         Inventory Count Interval.

5.    Click Preview or Save & Run.

6.    Click Export - CSV.

B. Save the CSV file to be used for the import. Note: Separate files may need to be created for each item type.

C. Run the import update with the following steps:

1.    Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records.

2.    Set Import Type = Items

3.    Set Record Type = Inventory Item < Or select the appropriate item type >

4.    Click Select to choose the file to upload.

5.    Click Next

6.    Set Data Handling = Update

7.    Click Next.

8.    On the Field Mapping sections, map the columns on the file against the NetSuite fields.

·    Internal Id = Internal Id

·    Location =   Locations 1 : Location

·    Inventory Count Interval  = Locations 1 : Inventory Count Interval  

9.    Click Next.

10.  Enter a name for the import.

11.  Click Save & Run.

Note: It is recommended to run a test import for one item first in order to check if the results are as expected.

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