Thursday, March 28, 2019

UPS Negotiated Rates

In 2013.2,  UPS Negotiated rates for customers will already be available.

-Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Shipping > Preferences tab > Rates section > UPS Rates Type

Negotiated Rates are the contract rates established with UPS and your UPS Account Representative. Enabling Negotiated Rates within your shipping or rating systems allows you to view the most current and accurate rates for your UPS account.

Negotiated Rates can help eliminate time-consuming and costly manual processes used to estimate discounts, including:

Invoicing: Negotiated Rates provided at the time of shipment allow you to invoice your customers sooner rather than waiting for receipt of the UPS carrier bill. You reduce Days Sales Outstanding.

Order Entry: Negotiated Rates allow you to provide better service to your customers by providing accurate rate information at order entry.

Cost Allocation: Negotiated Rates allow you to accurately allocate charges among functions or departments.

Only shippers approved to ship using negotiated rates can use negotiated rates.

To set up UPS Negotiated Rates, see the link below:

- To calculate Negotiated Rates in UPS site and compare it in NetSuite:

You must add and authenticate your account using Account Summary to view Negotiated Rates in UPS Internet Shipping, Time and Cost Calculator on, and the UPS Developer Kit - Shipping and Rating APIs.

To add and authenticate an account:

1. Login to using your My UPS ID and password.
2. Select the My UPS tab at the top of the page.
3. Select Account Summary from the navigation menu or the tab rollover.
4. From there select Add an Existing UPS Account.
5. Follow the steps to authenticate the account. To authenticate your account you will need the following information from your most recent UPS invoice: invoice date, amount due, invoice number, and control number.

See the link below for more information:

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