Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Workflow to send Credit Card Declined email to Customer

Following are the steps  to create a workflow that sends Credit Card Declined email to Customer after submitting a new sales order with no payment authorization code

1.Create a workflow by navigating to Customization >Scripting > Workflows  > New
Basic Information:
    -Name: Credit Card Declined Email (for example)
    -Record Type: Transaction
    -Sub Types : Sales Order
    -Released Status-Released
    -On Create : checked
    -Trigger Type: After Record Submit
    -Event Type : Create
    -Field: Authorization Code
    -Compare Type: empty
Save the workflow
2. Rename State 1
    -Name: Send Email State 1
3. Create a new workflow action in the Send Email State 1
    -Action: Send Email 
    -Trigger On: Entry
    -Sender: Choose the desired sender
        From Field: Current Record
        Field: Email
        Template: Desired email template

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