Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Ability to Use the Custom Form Field as a Filter or Field on a Case Search

Custom Form on case records is currently not available when creating case saved search.

A. Create a custom CRM field.
1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & FieldsCRM Fields > New.
2. Enter a name in the Label field. (Ex. Case Custom Form)
3. Check the Case check box on the Applies To tab.
4. Save.

B. Create a Workflow using Workflow Manager that will copy the value of the Custom Form field to the Case Custom Form (from step A).
1. Navigate to Customization > ScriptingWorkflows > New.
2. Enter a value for the NAME field. (Ex. Case Custom Form Workflow)
3. Select Case in the RECORD TYPE field.
4. Check EXECUTE AS ADMIN check box.
5. Check ENABLE LOGGING check box. (optional)
6. Set the RELEASE STATUS to Released.
7. Under Event Definition, check ON CREATE and ON UPDATE check boxes.
8. Click Save.
9. Click the New State button on the Diagram section.
10. Enter a value for the Name field. (Ex. Set Custom Form Value)
11. Save.
12. Click New Action button.
13. Click Set Field Value.
14. Select Case Custom Form (custom field from A) in the FIELD drop down under Parameters.
15. Click the FROM FIELD radio button in the Value section.
16. RECORD field = Custom Form.
17. Click Save.

Result: Every time a new case is created or an existing case is edited, the value of the Case Custom Form is set based on the value of the standard Custom Form field. The custom field can be used on Criteria and Results of case saved searches.

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