Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Disable Inline Editing on Standard Field but still Allow Users to Update Field when Creating or Editing Records

Steps in the article allows users to disable inline editing for Sales Rep field (Team Selling feature is not enabled) on opportunity transactions but still allow users to update the field in opportunity record edit or create mode.

A. Update preferred Opportunity form.
1. Navigate to Customization > FormsTransaction Forms.
2. Edit the preferred Opportunity form.
3. Click on Screen Fields tab.
4. Set the Display Type of the Sales Rep field to either Inline Text or Disabled.
5. Click Save.

B. Create a workflow that will allow users to edit the Sales Rep field when editing or creating opportunity record.
1. Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Workflows > New.
2. Enter a value for the Name field. (Ex. Opp Sales Rep Normal)
3. Select Opportunity in the Record Type field.
4. Check Execute as Admin check box.
5. Set the Release Status to Released.
6. Under Event Definition, check On Create and On Update check boxes.
7. Click Save.
8. Click the New State button on the Diagram section.
9. Enter a value for the Name field. (Ex. Display Type)
10. Save.
11. Click the Display Type state button under the Diagram section.
12. Click New Action button on Workflow State section.
13. Click Set Display Type.
14. Select Sales Rep in the Field drop down under Parameters.
15. Set the Display Type field to Normal.
16. Click Save.

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