Saturday, April 27, 2019

Case is not Escalated Automatically when Duration since Case Creation (minutes) is used as Case Rule

1. Customer Support and Service as well as Automatic case escalation is enabled from Setup > Company > Enabled Features
2. From Setup > Support > Escalation Rules > New, select Case Fields: Duration since Case Creation (minutes)
3. Note that for Duration since Case Creation (minutes), the value should be greater than 5minutes.
4. If value is not greater than 5mins, then once users set a new escalation assignment from Setup > Support > Manager Escalation Assignment > New, and select the rule created previously, upon creation of a test support  case, it would not automatically set the status to escalated even if it already satisfied the duration because of case creation (minutes) value.
5. Escalations are processed in 5 minutes intervals which means that cases are not escalated exactly after 1 minute but with 5 minutes tolerance

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