Saturday, April 27, 2019

View Purchase Order and Vendor Bill Transactions in Project / Job Entity Record



        Navigate to Lists> Relationships > Projects

        Open a Projectrecord

        Unable to find VendorBills and Purchase Orders underthe Related Records tab > Transactions sub tab


        Purchase Transactions (Purchase Orders and Vendor Bills) are not directlyassociated with Project entities because they are part of the AccountsPayable module and not the Advanced Project Management module ofNetSuite.

        Enhancement 135548 was filed to request for the purchase transactions to appear in the Transactionssub tab of the Project entity records.



Alternate Solution:

Create a sublist that will pull up thesetransactions in the project record.

1.   Create a saved search:

        Navigate to Lists > Search > SavedSearches > New > Transaction

        Add the following filters under the Criteria tab > Standardsub tab:

   Type = Purchase Order, Bill

   Main Line = False

   Project : Name/ID = is not empty

        Add Namefield under the Available Filters tab

   Mark Show in Footer Region= True

        Set this field values:

   Public = True

   Available as Sublist View

        Rename and save the search

2.   Create a subtab:

        Navigate to Customization > Forms> Subtabs > Entity tab

        Set a title for subtab

        Click Save

3.   Tag the search to the subtab:

        Navigate to Customization > Forms> Sublists > Entity tab

        Look up the save search in the Search column

   Mark Job = True

   Choose the Tab column value where the sublist will pull up

   Save the sublist



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  2. In all our projects as a NetSuite Partner, we have been surprised that posting directly to a Project form a PO is not more straighforward. Thank you for your notes on NetSuite!