Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Create Sales by Customer Report that Displays Total Amount of Sales without Discount

Currently, Sales By Customer Detail Report is showing a net amount of discount. For example,

Invoice: $359
Discount: ($8.23)
Total: $350.77

Report that filters out the discount should show:

Invoice: $359
Total: $359

There is an enhancement filed for it under 141955 - Reports>Sales>Sales by Customer Detail– Sales by Customer reports should show Sales amounts excluding payment terms discount.

You can try below workaround for this:

1.     Click Customize button or Return to Customization > in the Report Builder Page > Edit Columns > Expand the Sales Transactions folder > Add Amount (Gross).

2.     In the Filters page> Expand Sales Transaction folder > Expand Item sub folder > Select Item Type is not equal to Discount.

3. Rename this Report and click Save.

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