Monday, April 15, 2019

Create a Search or Report that Lists All Bills/Journals that were paid through Electronic Payments Processing

In order to generate a list of those trade payable transactions that were settled through Electronic Payments Processing, the user may create a custom Transaction Saved Search to pull up the information.

Here are the steps:

-Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New

-Select Search Type = Transaction

-Enter the desired title of the search under the Search Title field.

-Navigate to Criteria tab > Standard subtab > Filter column and add the following fields:

a. Type = is Bill Payment

b. Applied To Transaction Fields… > Type = is any of Bill, Journal

c. Bill EFT Payment Information Fields… > EFT Payment Processed = is Processed

-Navigate to Results tab>Columns subtab>Field column and add the following fields:

a. Paid Transaction Fields…  >Date

b. Paid Transaction

c. Paid Transaction Fields… > Amount

d. Date

e. Type

f. Number

g. Name

h. Amount

-Navigate to Results tab:

a. Sort By: Paid Transaction : Date

b. Then By: Paid Transaction

c. Then By: Date

-Navigate to Available Filters tab>Filter column and add the field: Paid Transaction Fields… > Date then mark the box next to the Show in Footer column

-Hit Save & Run button

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