Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Create a Search Showing a List of Bills or Journals with the Corresponding Credits or Payments Applied Net of Discount Availed

Here are the steps in creating the Saved Search:

-Navigate to Reports >Saved Searches >All Saved Searches >New

-Select Search Type = Transaction

-Enter the desired title of the search under the Search Title field

-Navigate to Criteria tab>Standard subtab>Filter column and add the following filters:

a. Type = is any of Bill Payment, Bill Credit, Journal

b. Account Type = is Accounts Payable

c. Formula (Numeric) | Formula: case when {line} = 2 then 1 else 0 end | Formula (Numeric): not equal to |Value: 1

-Navigate to Results tab>Columns subtab>Field column and add the following fields:

a. Applied To Transaction Fields…>Date

b. Applied To Transaction Fields…>Type

c. . Applied To Transaction Fields…> Document Number

d. . Applied To Transaction Fields…>Amount |Custom Label: Billed Amount

e. Date |Custom Label: Date Paid/Credited

f. Type

g. Document Number

h. Name

i. Formula (Currency) | Formula: case when nvl({amountpaid},0) < nvl({appliedtotransaction.amountpaid},0) then nvl({amountpaid},0) else nvl({appliedtotransaction.amountpaid},0) end |Custom Label: Amount Paid/Credited Net of Discount Availed

-Navigate to Results tab:

a. Sort By: Applied To Transaction: Date

b. Then By: Applied To Transaction: Document Number

-Navigate to Available Filters tab>Filter column and add the Field: Applied to Transaction Fields…>Date then mark the box under the Show in Footer column next to field added.

-Click Save & Run button

Note: if you want to filter a specific date range relating to bills, you can specify the period covered under the From and To fields that will appear in the bottom portion of the Search Results.

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