Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Customize Open Sales Order Report to show only inventory item type

When the column Quantity is added to Open Sales Orders Report, it sometimes provides the wrong quantity when compared to the actual sales orders themselves.

This is usually due to the report that includes all available item types on the report itself such as discounts, shipping cost items, and other charges. The report pulls these information into the quantity field when it's added to the report.

In order to include specific items (usually just the inventory items), a filter needs to be added to filter out unneeded item types. This can be done by performing the following:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Order Management > Open Sales Orders > click on Customize
  2. Click on Filters
  3. Expand the Open Sales Orders folder, click on Item Type to add it to the report filter on the right.
  4. Select equal to for Filter, click on the notepad icon to list the item types. Select the item types that you want to be included to the report. Click on Done once you finished adding.
  5. Click on Done again on the value pop-up.
  6. Mark Show in Footer if you want this to be displayed on the bottom when viewing the report.
  7. Click on Done
  8. Preview the report and compare the quantity with the sales order to verify. You should then have the accurate quantity reported on the report.

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