Sunday, April 28, 2019

Duplicate Detection on Online Case Forms


Users use NetSuite Online Case Form where the customers can enter cases. 

Duplicate Detection is set up under Setup > Company > Duplicate Detection:
a) Detect Customer Duplicates: Email (full)
b) Detect Contact Duplicates: Email (full)

The Online Case Form is created and the setting is following (Setup > Support > Online Case Forms):

1. Select Fields subtab:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Subsidiary (Hide checkbox set to true)
  • Incoming Message

2. Set Up Workflow subtab:

  • Default Subsidiary is set to  AAA
  • Handle duplicate records: Update the first record created
  • Use Duplicate Detection Criteria checkbox set to true

3. Click Save.

    4. There is an already existing Individual Customer in NetSuite. 

    • First Name John, Last Name: Smith
    • Email:
    • Subsidiary: BBB

    This customer John Smith fills in all the information in the Online Case Form:

    • Email:
    • First Name: John
    • Last Name: Smith
    • Incoming Message: XXXXXXXX.
    • Submit the Online Customer Form

    Result: New Anonymous customer is created with duplicate email under BBB Subsidiary. This is because already existing (original) customer has subsidiary different to Default Subsidiary (set under the Set Up Workflow subtab on the Online Case Form).

    If the Default Subsidiary field isn't set to any subsidiary, then the Duplicate Detection would recognize the customer and assign the case under the correct existing customer.

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