Sunday, April 28, 2019

Permission Violation When Attaching Files to Emails

User gets a Permission Violation error message when attaching file, which isn't located in the File Cabinet, to an email.


The reason why users see this message after uploading an attachment file and clicking the Save button, is because of the restriction which has been applied to the Attachments Sent folder.


In order to allow attaching local files to Emails, the Administrator needs to manage the access restrictions of the Attachments Sent folder, by following these steps:


1.       Navigate to Documents tab > Files > File Cabinet

2.       Click Edit next to the Attachments Sent  folder

3.       In the Restrict by fields, select the appropriate Class, Department, Location, Subsidiary or Group

4.       Click Save


Note: Classes, Departments and Locations Classifications are available once the so-named features are enabled. To enable these features, the Administrator needs to navigate to Setup tab > Company > Enable Features > Company tab > Classifications area.



The employees included in the selected Group (Step 3.) now have the ability to attach local files to Emails.


If all users are to be allowed, clear these fields' values.


If several departments are to be granted this allowance, the Administrator needs to create an Employee Group (Lists tab > Relationships > Groups > New.), and select it in the Restrict by Group field.



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