Sunday, April 28, 2019

Resolve Error when Processing a Refund via Credit Card "Credits not Allowed. Contact merchant e-solutions to have credits enabled."

This happens when you are refunding via credit card with no P/N Ref. number available on Transactions > Customers > Issue Customer Refund > Refund Method tab > Process Credit Card checked.


The processor is trying to identify a P/N Ref. that was previously processed/charged on the card. In order to refund on the card, the credit card merchant attempts to look for the P/N Ref. that was generated on the payment record.


To solve the issue, process with the following steps:

- Navigate to the Invoice that you intend to process the refund for and look for the payment under Related Record tab.

- Open the payment record and look under Payment Method tab for the P/N Ref.

- Copy the number.

- Go back to Transactions > Customers > Issue Customer Refund > Refund Method tab > paste the P/N Ref. number.

- Process the refund and it will go through.


Note: There are some gateways that allow refunds and credits even without an actual credit card charge. Refer to your Credit Card Gateway for assistance. 

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