Sunday, April 14, 2019

Filter Items available on Purchase Order Form

1. Create an Item Saved Search first.

a. Navigate to Lists> Search> Saved Searches> New

b. Click Item
c. Under Criteria tab> Standard sub tab> Filter
- set the preferred item criteria
d. Check Public box.
e. Hit Save & Run

2. Customize a Purchase Order form.
a. Navigate to Customization> Forms > Transaction Forms
b. Hit Customize link of Preferred Purchase Order form
c. Navigate to Sublist Fields sub tab
d. Select the item saved search in the Item Filter drop down.
e. Hit Save.

3. Enter a Purchase Order
a. Navigate to Transactions> Purchases > Enter Purchase Orders
b. Select the Custom Purchase Order form in the Custom Form field
c. Select an item in the Items tab> Items subtab.

d. Create a Purchase Order as per the usual process and fill in all mandatory fields.

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