Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sending emails to customers that have YAHOO Address. Reclaiming Yahoo! Usernames In A Way That’s Secure: Require-Recipient-Valid-Since. What NetSuite is doing about this

YAHOO is implementing a strategy whereby they are making their email addresses made available to anyone in the PUBLIC to take ownership of them if they have not been used in past 1 year.

They are planning to implement following IETF standard to check for header in the email that goes out to customer : Require-Recipient-Valid-Since Header Field

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What NetSuite is doing about this:

Support for the new header field will be added into NetSuite's 2013.2 version.

For the date, there will be no additional standard field. System will try to determine the date automatically:
    - Date will be last update date/time of the e-mail address
    - If there's no last update date/time of the e-mail address, system will take create date/time of the e-mail's superior record (contact/entity)

1. The header will be added for bulk e-mail only. Transactional e-mail will not have this header.
2. The header apply to ALL addresses of outgoing bulk emails, not only to those that contain "Yahoo".

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