Sunday, April 14, 2019

Opportunity saved search > List the last Entity status of the Opportunity before it was Closed

There are two Statuses in an Opportunity record: Document Status (can be seen at the upper right side of the transaction) and the Entity Status (value of the Status field in the Opportunity).

To list the last Entity Status of the Opportunities before marked as Closed, below are the steps.

1. Navigate to Reports > Saved searches > All saved searches > New.
2. Click Opportunity.
3. Criteria tab:
- System notes..: Field = is Entity Status
- Formula (numeric)
Formula = CASE WHEN {entitystatus} LIKE '%Closed%' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END
Formula Numeric = equal to 1

4. Results tab:
- Number
- Formula (text)
Formula = {entitystatus}
- Formula (text)
Formula = CASE WHEN {entitystatus} LIKE '%Closed%' THEN {systemnotes.oldvalue} ELSE NULL END
Custom label = Last Status before Closed

5. Save&Run.

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